It has been talked about since the beginning of the OK-N project, and the OKN-Junior is now a reality. Full-scale tests have enabled the CIK-FIA to validate the definition of the OKN-Junior engine to extend the OKN's field of action to younger drivers as easily as possible, with a simple exhaust flange. A single engine unit can therefore power drivers in both categories of the most accessible competition offered by the CIK-FIA for national markets.


Swedish, 18 years old, Viktor Gustafsson is the new KZ World Champion, the top shifter class of international karting. He started racing in karting at the age of 5 and like many children who dream of becoming the best in this sport, he followed a path of sporting growth that soon took him outside the borders of Sweden, to face international competitions and this year, in his first season as a CRG official driver, on September 4th he has won the most important race of his career up to now at Le Mans: the FIA ​​World Championship KZ.

Vision of OK-N highlighted at CIK-FIA press conference in Sarno

Taking advantage of the publicity around the Mondokart.com FIA Karting World Championship OK and OK-Junior, the CIK-FIA organised a press conference on Saturday, 17th September, in the presence of the  FIA Karting Commission President Akbar Ebrahim, his Vice President John Ryan, the head of karting of the Italian Sporting Authority, ACI Sport, Raffaele Giammaria, and the FIA Karting technical delegate, Karl Janda. The subject was the development of OK-N.