More Than OK: “Once you’ve driven it, you’ll love it!”

With the dates now announced for the inaugural MSA OK British Championships, the official supplier of the series’ Vortex Engines, Strawberry Racing, is inviting drivers to ‘try before they buy’ for a nominal fee. Following painstaking development by the CIK, the new OK breed of engines will replace their KF predecessors this summer. Consequently, with the MSA adopting OK as its official British Junior and Senior championships, history will be made by the first race-winners and champions.

CKR- Autumn Trophy 1st race

We missed the victory for ¼ tooth! Last weekend we have been in Lonato with three drivers to defend CKR colors: Alessandro Pelizzari, Tobias Borel and Matthieu Maeder. Despite everything was going for the best for Alessandro Pelizzari, starting the final in first place, immediately leading the race, a wrong gear ratio forced him to […]


The relationship between CRG and Davide Forè ended after a fruitful 7 years of collaboration that started back in 2009. The working relationship between CRG and Davide Forè ended  as the two parts do not share future objectives. This intense collaboration period started back in 2009 and satisfactorily continued until now. CRG would like to […]