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First practice of the Micra Cup 2016 season


A small peak in to the world of Micra , Micra Cup that is and as of last year 33 driver strong, the field this year will be even better with the Albi club école with drivers form the karting world such as Cedrik Lupien, Alexandre Lacroix and and Natael L. Cantin and Kevin King wanting to leave their mark with their chance each to race , while raining champ Olivier Bédard will be wanting to retain his supremacy.

You’ve also got the likes of Bertrand Godin wanting to make his season count and prove his worth! I hope on my part that he gets the trophies he is looking for.

This season is going to be a fierce and ruthless season which will test drivers like they have never been before pushing these stock cars like they would racing cars. Now you’ve got drivers from every background wanting to leave their mark , from karting , to formula , to stock car , to actually amateur racing, how do you think has the best potential, only thing is in this series it is they are working to give the best visibility to the drivers paying to drive in this series.

This is why they have authorized the drivers to livestream all of their outings on the track making this racing series the first to make this a possibility. Imagine being able to see all the drivers live streams from their cars and on top of that seeing the the global race report live.

This opens the possibility to other small series to move quickly and prove they are worth it to the big guys and get on prime time with their drivers.

I wish all the drivers in this series the best and i hope they make a show we will never forget.

Micra cup 2016 drivers
Micra cup 2016 drivers
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