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Birel ART in the right rhythm in Sarno

Birel ART in the right rhythm in Sarno
The new KZ S15 chassis developed for the 2023 season proved to be well conceived, allowing Giuseppe Palomba and Cristian Bertuca to put in top performances against worthy opponents. Kirill Kutskov finished his performance in OK with a superb comeback of almost 20 places in the Final and Jindrich Pesl scored his best result in OK-Junior after moving up from Mini during the year.The first two days saw heavy rain on the Sarno track, so much so that the Qualifying Heats had to be interrupted at the height of the storm. Fortunately on Sunday, the Final stages were able to be held in the sunshine, giving the competitors a wide range of conditions.

“We are currently in a busy phase with the new chassis,” explained team manager Riccardo Longhi. “We can already be satisfied with the potential shown by the 2023 equipment. In the rain, in the dry and in intermediate conditions, our drivers were able to show an excellent level of competitiveness in all three categories. Giuseppe Palomba and Cristian Bertuca were in the thick of the battle in KZ2. 4th at the end of the Final, Palomba missed a better result due to the intensity of the racing while Bertuca came back to 5th. Both drivers are ranked in the provisional top five of the championship before the second round in Lonato next weekend. Kirill Kutskov and Harley Keeble had mixed fortunes in the OK heats. Kutskov, a recent transfer from OK-Junior, had a great Final with a gain of 18 places. Our two young drivers continued to gain experience in OK-Junior with a special mention for Jindrich Pesl, 13th in the Final with a total gain of 21 places during the meeting. We expect to see an increase in performance at the next event in Lonato”.

Summary of the first round of the WSK Final Cup in Sarno


Giuseppe Palomba
5th in Qualifying, regularly in the top three of the heats, 3rd in the Prefinal, 4th in the Final and in the provisional ranking of the WSK Final Cup.

Cristian Bertuca
4th in Qualifying, 4th in the heats, 5th in Final and in the provisional WSK Final Cup standings.


Kirill Kutskov
24th in Qualifying, 26th in the heats, retired in the Prefinal and 13th in the Final (+18 pl).

Harley Keeble
11th in Qualifying, 15th in the heats, 11th in the Prefinal and 17th in the Final.


Jindrich Pesl
34th in Qualifying, 20th in the heats (+14 pl), 8th in the Prefinal and 13th in the Final (+4 pl).


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