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Concerned Karter Responds to Political Conflict


Republished from Kartsportnews.com

A NSW karter, concerned with the direction of the sport, has submitted a document for public consumption regarding Karting NSW and potential disaffiliation from Karting Australia.

Mitch Lozina, a racer who’s a member of multiple clubs in NSW (he’s also a Barrister of Law), sent the document to us saying “I think it is of interest to the Karters of NSW at the very least.” It was also sent to numerous clubs and individuals.

Lozina told KartSportNews the document represented his views as an independent karter; he was not representing any of the clubs of which he’s a member.

“The information presented was pulled from reports published by Karting Australia and Karting NSW” he said. “The numbers cannot be disputed, they’re directly from their own financials.”

Sit back, it’s a long read…

  • The original PDF of the document below is HERE

Source: Kartsportnews.com


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