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DKM-fields already partly filled up before the kick-off

DKM-fields already partly filled up before the kick-off

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The German Kart Championship can look forward to an exciting season 2018. Since the beginning of registration at the end of January, the fields of participants of the four grade series German Kart Championship, German Junior Kart Championship, German Shifterkart Championship and DMSB-Shifterkart-Cup are filling up rapidly. Before the kick-off in Lonato, two classes have already reached their maximum numbers of participants.

The German Kart Championship is going to start with its four grade series on the South Garda Circuit in Italy into its new season from April 13th -15th. The interest in the highest German kart racing series is still extremely high in 2018. Directly after the beginning of registration in January the drivers and teams used the new online registration system – the DMSB-Shifterkart-Cup was completely filled up after only two weeks.

The fields of participants of the other three categories are nearing their limits as well. The DKM is also completely filled up with 51 drivers. There is still some space left in the German Junior Kart Championship and the German Shifterkart Championship with ten and twelve free starting positions respectively. Since the 14th of March, guest drivers also have the possibility to register for the kick-off in Lonato.

All in all, the DKM consists of five racing weekends spread over Italy, Germany and Belgium. After the kick-off in Lonato the next events are going to take place in Wackersdorf, Ampfing, Kerpen and the final event in Belgian Genk. Apart from the kick-off, the German Electric Kart Championship (DEKM) is going to take place within the framework of the DKM. The first pure Electric-Kart-Racing-Series in the world also enjoys a high interest. All of the 18 available starting positions have already been taken.

The DKM is going to be accompanied by an extensive media package in 2018 again. All races are going to be broadcast live. Additionally the DKM-show that celebrated its premiere last year at the final event in Lonato is going to be renewed.

Source: http://www.kart-dm.de

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