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Poll Result: Do You Promote Karting?

Poll Result: Do You Promote Karting?

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Last week we asked readers Are you and your club involved with promotional activities?.

  • 47% said Yes, they help their club with promo activities
  • 34% said No, because their club does not do promos
  • 19% said Sort Of – their club does promos, but they don’t help out

Nearly half the respondents actively participate in promotional activities. This is good news, but based on anecdotal observation, the figure is much higher than I’d anticipated.

Also, about two-thirds of their clubs undertake specific promotional activities for the sport.

However, spun another way, over half the respondents do not participate in promotional activities for karting. And over one-third of the clubs don’t actively promote themselves or their race meetings.

Interestingly, this poll received the least number of respondents we’ve ever experienced with just under 150 people casting a vote.

Has the karting population and/or readership sunk that much? Or is this simply a topic that does not resonate with most karters? (Well, other than the ones who take an interest in such matters.)

Keep a watch on the site for a new poll in the coming days!

  • Got a question you’d like to ask karters? Send us an email or message and we’ll try to turn it into a future reader poll (providing it won’t get us pink slipped!).


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Poll Result: Do You Promote Karting?


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