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RNW and KNW welcomes Charles Côté as new editor in chief

RNW and KNW welcomes Charles Côté as new editor in chief

January 10, 2018

Racing News Worldwide and Karting News Worldwide is proud to welcome its new editor in chief, Charles Côté.

Dear RNW and KNW fans,

I am very pleased to have been chosen as editor in chief. Motorsports are the ultimate connection between man and machine. My passion has now become my job. As editor in chief of RNW and KNW, I look forwards to sharing my love of racing with you. The new year will bring many changes to our websites. As well as keeping you informed with the latest press releases and racing news, we will be working hard to provide our readers with a lot more original content. Consequently, this original content will take the form of articles, opinions, exclusive interviews and live coverage of events. Another change we will be bringing this year is to increase the involvement of our readers through social media participation. We will be conducting a series of polls, votes and contests throughout the year.

We want RNW and KNW to be your go to place for Motorsports news. I will be working very hard in 2018 to reach this goal. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to inform our readers that we are always opened to any suggestions concerning our work. Feel free to send us an email or leave a reply if you have any questions or comments.

I am looking forwards to providing you with great Motorsports coverage this year. Exciting changes are on their way as we start this new chapter together. Stay tuned!

Charles Côté, editor in chief

David Martin-Janiak Motorsports has always been a passion for me, I've raced in Karting and now I have my own Motorsports news website, so i can help other racers convey their passion to the world!


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