Home KART Rotax Mini Max configuration upgraded for 2018

Rotax Mini Max configuration upgraded for 2018

Rotax Mini Max configuration upgraded for 2018

Rotax Mini Max configuration upgraded for 2018

Innovation is the name of the game – Rotax Mini Max configuration upgraded for 2018

Rotax is always looking at providing customers with the best value while never compromising on durability.

Although in the long run a Mini Max is very economical to own, the purchase price is high compared to an air-cooled 60cc engine. Other critical issues that were raised:

  • The large radiator required cutting into the side pod for clearance
  • The tuned exhaust assembly was difficult to accommodate on the 95cm chassis.

Rotax reassessed the configuration and realized that a far better solution is possible. Up to now, restrictors have been used to reduce the power of the Junior Max engine to Mini Max level. Going forward, the tuned exhaust system will be replaced by the Micro Max exhaust silencer on a standard Junior Max engine. A purposed-made Engine Control Unit will ensure efficient and smooth power delivery. The benefits of the new configuration include:

  • A 25% reduction in the purchase price of a new engine – saving more than R 10 000.
  • The smaller Micro Max radiator fits without any change to the side pod and saves weight
  • The exhaust silencer fits easily and saves 2,5kg – very handy for heavy drivers
  • Impressive performance with improved efficiency – thanks to optimum compression and an advanced ignition program.

Existing Mini Max owners can be assured that Rotax and EMR will assist them to make the upgrade. A free exchange program for exhaust system and radiator will be offered. Alternatively, the customer can keep these components for future use in Junior Max and purchase the new radiator at a 30% discount – exhaust R 1 263 and radiator R 1 832. Resetting the squish to 1.3mm is a simple and quick job for any engine builder.

The exact same engine will be useable in both Mini Max and Junior Max – only the accessories (radiator, exhaust and ECU) will differ from now on.2

EMR has a limited number of engines available for a special trade in offer – first come first served, which will now be offered in the new Mini Max configuration at R 29 850 less R 12 000 for your air-cooled 60cc engine means that a new 2018 Mini Max will cost you only R 17 850 one per customer!

Customers that have already bought new engines on the current 60cc trade-in should contact Jennifer at EMR for further assistance in changing to the revised specification.

Happy Maxing!

Source :https://kart.co.za/

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