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The Alpha Karting dynamic extends internationally

The Alpha Karting dynamic extends internationally

The collaboration with Sodikart, the new Alpha Karting technical partner, has enabled the oldest French brand in business to achieve a successful restructuring on the national market. Building on this success, Alpha is now taking the next step by investing internationally. The recent recruitment of the famous driver Bas Lammers is a major asset for this development abroad.


Thanks to the quality of the new chassis, developed in partnership with the Sodikart factory, the world’s leading manufacturer of karts, Alpha Karting has a full range of top-of-the-line racing karts that appeal to drivers of all levels. The results of the beginning of the 2018 season throughout France confirm the the potential of the brand. Podiums, victories and titles are frequent for Alpha Karting clients, both in the regions and at the national level.

This rapid success would not have been possible without the support of a strong network of distributors well established throughout the country and directly invested in the competition. Professionals have not been difficult to persuade to trust Alpha Karting in order to offer their customers a particularly attractive new opportunity. In addition to the leading performance of the chassis, attention to logistics and inventory management by the Alès brand, known for many years in this area, allow them to score major points.

From Minime to KZ, the 2018 Alpha Karting chassis regularly accompanied their drivers in France on the road to success. The time has come to push the brand’s ambitions on the international market with the same approach of building a reliable network of distributors visible in racing. This approach involves highlighting performance at the highest level. That’s why Alpha Karting decided to rely on the reputation of the Dutch champion Bas Lammers, as well appreciated for his magnificent feats as well as for his legendary fair play.


An experienced driver with several European and world titles, Bas is now wearing the colours of Alpha Karting at the highest level of international KZ. Winner of the WSK Super Master Series last year, he is always present on special occasions. In addition, his knowledge of racing will provide valuable information to the whole team of the French manufacturer, always keen to improve its products.

Alpha Karting is well on its way to boosting its development around the world thanks to the solid foundations of its powerful range and well-established networks.

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