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USAC Karting Adds Masters to Margay Ignite for Battle at the Brickyard

USAC Karting Adds Masters to Margay Ignite for Battle at the Brickyard


USAC Karting and Margay Racing are excited to expand upon the success of the Margay Ignite class with the addition of a Masters class to the 2nd annual Battle at the Brickyard in 2018. The ever popular and growing class will now feature two options for people to race on parts of one of the most historical tracks in the world utilizing Margay’s spec arrive and drive platform. The class will be open to drivers 35 years of age and over.

“Being one of the most historical tracks in racing we thought that this was a great way to give more people a chance to race where they grew up watching drivers become legends. There are a lot of people that raced in the Masters classes in 125cc shifter, 206, and Yamaha that did so because of the opportunity. This was a great way for us to open up a once in a lifetime weekend to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” stated USAC Karting Director Mike Burrell. “We’re looking to provide a unique experience for the racer. This opens up an opportunity for the people who watched Foyt win number 4, Sneva go 200mph, or Johncock battle Mears to the checkered flag. They will have an added chance to race where some of motorsports greatest moments were created.”

The inaugural 2017 race saw 46 competitors take to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Canada’s Charlotte Lalonde edging out Missouri veteran karter Pete Vetter by a mere .033 seconds. The Ignite class adds a unique experience for drivers with the class being completely spec. The class features the Margay Ignite K3 chassis with the highly reliable, factory-sealed Briggs & Stratton Racing 206 engine package, combined with removing the interchangeable elements; it brings the driver back to the focus of karting. With arrive and drive packages available this opens up the chance of a lifetime for drivers from all walks of the world.

“We are thrilled that USAC Karting has asked us to add an Ignite Masters class to the 2nd annual Battle at the Brickyard. It’s clear that our veteran racers truly appreciate the opportunity to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Ignite class offers a terrific way for racers to compete at the world’s most famous motorsports venue. Last year we had almost 50 drivers from 11 states, Canada & Mexico competing in Ignite Senior,” explains Margay owner Keith Freber. “We expect that number to grow in 2018 and look for Ignite Masters to feature over 40 drivers. The inaugural Battle at the Brickyard was an epic event and it’s clear that USAC Karting is committed to making the 2018 event bigger and better. We can’t wait to be ‘back home again in Indiana’!”

Make sure to reserve your seat for the Battle at the Brickyard on July 5-8 2018. For more information about the Margay Ignite class be sure to check out www.Margay.com.  Look for more news as we race closer to the 2018 Battle at the Brickyard at www.USACkarting.com and be sure to keep up with us on social media.

Source : ekarting.com

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