Home KART Welcome to South African Rotax Karting in 2018!

Welcome to South African Rotax Karting in 2018!

Welcome to South African Rotax Karting in 2018!

Welcome to South African Rotax Karting in 2018!

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The SARMC National Series is now 18 years old and for 2018 promises to be really exiting based on the growth enjoyed in 2017.

The National season kicks off in iDube on 31 March followed a month later in Vereeniging on 29 April. The African Open will be at Zwartkops on 1 July filling the two month gap before the third National event in Cape Town on August 11. The final round will as per norm be at Zwartkops on 23 September.

The big prizes include invitations to all the winners to race in the 2018 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF) at the International Karting Circuit Paladino of Conde in Paraíba, Brazil from November 26 to December 01, 2018! The unique Rotax World Final event has been hosted all over the world including Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, North America, The Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, UAE, Egypt, Spain and now in Brazil.

Regional Championship Racing is strong in the Northern Regions, KZN and Cape Town for most Rotax classes while the Eastern Cape and Border has a strong and growing DD2 following. As always points from four designated regional events will be scored towards the SARMC series. The only change to the system is that bonus points will no longer be scored for National events – this to assist anyone who has to miss one round to, for example to participate in Rotax Micro, Mini and Junior MAX Festival at Pachfurth in Austria from 9 to 12 August.
Detailed changes to class rules:

  • Micro Max: will enjoy regional Championship status in 2018 and is looking strong for National Championship status in the near future.
  • Mini Max: the engine has been reconfigured to provide a better fit to the 95cm chassis and now sports a smaller radiator and exhaust. The necessary parts for the upgrade are provided on exchange free of charge by Rotax and their dealer network! The minimum age has been reduced to the year of the 9th birthday to assist bigger and heavy Micro Max competitors to progress.
  • Junior Max: same spec as 2017 but maximum age internationally and for the RMCGF has been reduced to the end of the 14th year so we expect to see more youngsters tackling Senior Max soon.
  • Senior Max: the long awaited new tech cylinder has arrived and at 31 bhp this is an exciting step up for Junior Max drivers familiar with 22 bhp. The new D4 tyres should improve overall performance. The new cylinders are on Special at 50% discount until end January so don’t miss out. Converting from Junior to Senior Max is easy and very affordable right now  – talk to your dealer.
  • DD2 and DD2 Masters: the most popular and fasted National class just keeps growing. 2018 sees a new tech cylinder to ensure parity of performance so if you feel that you have lacked power take the opportunity and get a new cylinder before end January at a 50% discount!


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