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Mexican F1 Grand Prix Live commentary with KNW


Follow our live comments of the Mexican F1 Grand Prix

Practice 1 friday

Practice 2 friday

Max Verstappen interview

14:01 - Warm up lap

And the cars have started the warm up lap.

14:03 - Lap 1

First lap Hamilton slides in behind Rosberg as per tema derectives. Contact beteween Ricciardo and Vettel.

14:05 - Lap 2

Vettel pits for new tire. A clean start except for Vettel which was hit by Ricciardo , and Alonso retires with mecanical problems.

14:06 - Lap 3

DRS enabled Versteppen up to 6th with his F1 Torosso car a great start to the race.

14:09 - Lap 5

Review of the hit between Ric and Vet such a slight touch but makes a puncture on the rear right of Vettels car now 50 secondes off but making the best lap .

14:08 - Lap 4

Ricciardo being attacked by Bottas for 4th place meanwhile Kyvat has extended a nice lead over Ric.

14:12 - Lap 7

Places are Rosberg , Hamilton , Kyvat

14:17 - Lap 10

Bot and Mas stop for a new set of tires.

14:19 - Lap 12

Perez up to 6th place but hasn’t stpped yet.Sainz is rght behind him.

14:21 - Lap 13

Verstappen up to 5th with a 6 second gap to Perez.

14:22 - Lap 14

Sainz in the pits for Mediums

14:24 - Lap 15

Rosberg leads by 1.5 seconds over Hamilton Both Mercedes F1 Cars under the 1min24 seconds

14:26 - Lap 16

Seems like there are teams on 2 stop strategy and others on 3 stopers lets see which will pay out at the end of the 71 laps

14:28 - Lap 18

Vettel spins out on his own pushing to much after his puncture ,seems like the rear end braked to much compared to the front.

14:30 - Lap 19

Perez pits for a set of mediums comes out just in front of Sainz but gets passed by the end of the straight and drops to 11th

14:34 - Lap 23

Rosberg and Hamilton exchanging the fastest laps while Kvyat pits for a new set of mediums and Bottas gets his revenge for Sochi by taking the inside and kimi closes the door . And localised Yellow flag in sector 2. The way we see it Kimi is in the wrong again Bottas left him space but Kimi cut him off.

14:38 - Lap 25

Vettel up to 13 th even after spinning off , Ricciardo pits at 25 laps. the only ones left are the Mercedes F1.

14:40 - Lap 26

Rosberg in this lap and Verstappen pits from 4th and comes back out to 8th place.

14:41 - Lap 27

Rosberg comes out in 2nd place Hamilton pitting this lap. And the incident between Kimi and Bottas has been ruled and incident of racing no further action will be taken.

14:43 - Lap 29

Rosberg passes Hamilton at the pits straight.

14:45 - Lap 31

Places update Ros, Ham, Kvy ,Ver in 8th

14:47 - Lap 33

Vettel complaning about tire degredation and Hamilton closing in Rosberg .

14:49 - Lap 34

Not a lot of action in terms of Yellow flags compared to the US Grand Prix but we just saw Sainz going off track in the battle with Perez for 10th and Sainz has to let him pass.

14:55 - Lap 37

Vettel pits again for mediums comes out just behind Rosberg and just in front Hamilton but with a lap down.

14:58 - Lap 39

The Mercedes F1 cars seem unbeatable at this stage.

15:07 - Lap 48

Hamilton in 1st but pits beacause of the racing team orders, comes out behind Rosberg.

15:14 - Lap 51

Lewis fastesed lap 1:20.8

15:17 - Lap 52

Sergio Perez passes Max Verstappen for 8th place and Vettel hits the wall badly in turn 7 where he spun the first time and brings out the safety car. End of the race for Vettel.

15:18 - Lap 53

Safety car out everybody Pits for a new set of tires. This will be an interesting end of F1 race with everybody racing on equal terms.

15:20 - Lap 54

Cars reforming for the restart of the race!

15:25 - Lap 57

Race Restart Rosberg keeps first with Hamilton close behind. Hamilton will be looking to take advantage of this safety car to pass Rosberg.

15:29 - Lap 60

Rosberg and Hamilton short the track both keep their places Bottas has moved up to third and DRS is enabled once again .

15:33 - Lap 62

Verstappen having some truble with his set of tires that he pitted for, putting him in 9th 13 seconds off the lead.

15:34 - Lap 63

Hamilton pushing to get back into that 1 second video for using the DRS. Only 1 tenth left for Hamilton.

15:36 - Lap 64

Not the battles we we’re expecting everybody is keeping the same gap with nobody being able to use DRS.

15:42 - Lap 69

Seems like this is going to be the finishing positions for the race
1 ROS 1:20.948
2 HAM +1.600
3 BOT +10.800
4 KVY +13.500
5 RIC +16.700
6 MAS +18.300
7 HUL +20.600
8 PER +27.800
9 VES +30.000
10 GRO +31.900
11 MAL +32.500
12 ERI +34.800
13 SAI +40.800
14 BUT +41.400
15 RSI +2L
16 STE +2L

15:46 - Lap 71

And Rosberg wins his Grand Prix of Mexico after 4 poles in row this is a well deserved win. After more then 2 decades without a Mexican Grand Prix Rosberg wins from Start to finish . Congratulations to Perez and Verstappen.
1 ROS 1:21.253
2 HAM +1.900
3 BOT +12.700
4 KVY +15.100
5 RIC +18.100
6 MAS +20.700
7 HUL +23.600
8 PER +32.300
9 VES +33.700
10 GRO +35.900
11 MAL +36.500
12 ERI +38.500
13 SAI +46.300
14 BUT +46.900
15 RSI +2L
16 STE +2L

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