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US F1 Grand Prix Live commentary with KNW


Welcome to our fist live commenting of the 2015 United-States F1 Grand Prix if you missed the Qualifying that was postponed to today due to Patricia the Tropical storm that hit Austin yeasturday. It was a shortened Qualifying due to again some bad weather having Q3 canceled it was Hamilton’s team mates turn to take pole by a bit more then a tenth over the later.

Full results of qualifying

Q3 not run, times taken from Q2

1. Nico Rosberg GER Mercedes-Mercedes 1m 56.824s
2. Lewis Hamilton GBR Mercedes-Mercedes 1m 56.929s
3. Daniel Ricciardo AUS Red Bull-Renault 1m 57.969s
4. Daniil Kvyat RUS Red Bull-Renault 1m 58.434s
5. Sebastian Vettel GER Ferrari-Ferrari 1m 58.596s *
6. Sergio Perez MEX Force India-Mercedes 1m 59.210s
7. Nico Hulkenberg GER Force India-Mercedes 1m 59.333s
8. Kimi Raikkonen FIN Ferrari-Ferrari 1m 59.703s *
9. Felipe Massa BRZ Williams-Mercedes 1m 59.999s
10. Max Verstappen NED Toro Rosso-Renault 2m 00.199s
11. Fernando Alonso ESP McLaren-Honda 2m 00.265s
12. Valtteri Bottas FIN Williams-Mercedes 2m 00.334s
13. Romain Grosjean FRA Lotus-Mercedes 2m 00.595s
14. Jenson Button GBR McLaren-Honda 2m 01.193s
15. Pastor Maldonado VEN Lotus-Mercedes 2m 01.604s
16. Marcus Ericsson SWE Sauber-Ferrari 2m 02.212s
17. Felipe Nasr BRZ Sauber-Ferrari 2m 03.194s
18. Alexander Rossi USA Manor Marussia-Ferrari 2m 04.176s
19. Will Stevens GBR Manor Marussia-Ferrari 2m 04.526s *
20. Carlos Sainz Jr ESP Toro Rosso-Renault 2m 07.304s

If you don’t quite remember last years race here is race edit from the 2014 race By www.formula1.com

Now just starting is the F1 preperation to start the race. It is damp but not as wet as saturday and at the moment it is not raining. Stay tuned for the start of the race.

If you missed the first practice of the US Grand Prix on Friday here it is .

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Cars are on the grid and the rain has stopped teams are prepping the cars with mized strategies most are going on inters but look like a few teams will start on slicks

Race to start in 5 min

And the cars have started there warm up lap and every body is on inters. this going to be a difficult start as sayed by Hamilton.

And the cars are lining up on the start grid

And the US Grand prix has started and Hamilton takes the lead of the first corner pushing his team mate off the track.

Rosberg has lost 5 positions before the second corner but he has already past the Force India and now tracking down the 2 Redbulls.

And the Sauber hit.

The track is drying up very quickly with button going on slicks as usual he is the first to test out the dry theory.

Hamilton trying to gap the rest of the field but proving harder with kvyat hard on the back of his car.

And with the replay of the start Hamilton did touch wheel to wheel with Rosberg should this be sanctioned?

Seems like there are dry parts of the circuit and other parts which are very dry, and now kvyat tried to pass Hamilton up into turn one and cars have switch back to inters being the better option for now and the virtual safety car has been activated to clean up the track from the debre in turn 1.

Rosberg has just passsed Ricciardo on the restart and tries to pass kvyat and it works he is now just behind his team mate with attack on his mind to take back his first place .

Hamilton Seems to be slowing down with no more rain for the race annouced by the team and with Rosberg and the 2 Redbulls keeping up with he pace

All of the top 4 drivers on lap 10 are already complaining about tire degredation .

2 ou of 3 sectr are now good for slicks Gorsgjean has just fitted slicks but they are having problems in the pits seems like he is retiring that would be a big let down .

And Ricciardo has passed Rosberg on turn 1 due to and error of kyvat on the last corner of lap 13!!!

Verstappen attacking agressively the world champion Kimi for 7th place on lap 15 the young driver proving he can compete with higher budget teams.

And Verstappen already attacking Vettel while Ricciardo passes Hamilton like as if he was standing still when will they switch to softs.

Kimi complaining about Verstappens Driving him off the track at each corner Saying that if that is legal he will do it also but while saying that he passes for 6 th but vettel comes back to take 6th again.

Both of the Torosso’s putting on a great show against the might prancing horses.

Hamilton just got his money worth with Rosberg doing the same thing that Hamilton did to him at the start of the race , Vettel ,Verstappen and Hamilton on soft on the 18th lap.

It Will be interesting to see how the softs will perform in the wet parts of the circuit.

Ricciardo and rosberg and kyvat in the pits for softs on the 20 th lap .

This is one of the most exciting races having sayed that Kimi having changed to slicks has hit the wall , he manages to get out of the wall and nurse the car back to the pits on lap 20, for a new nose and tires.

Drivers having a lot of slides with the slicks with the track still being very wet in come corners.

We are nearing the halfway point for this US GP. With Rosberg REtaking the lead of the race. Vettel has the fastest lap of the race on lap 24 just passing kyvat for 4th and verstappen up to 6th doing a great job for his age.Hamilton very close to rear of Ricciardo’s formula now at less then 1 seconde from the former he can now use DRS.


Kimi retires after hitting the wall with Transmission problems  and Ericsson retires also with a power failure on lap 27 bringing out the safety car Alonso pits  for tires as does Vettel for Hard compound. Button pits a s well for another set of softs , this marks the halfway point.

Mediums of course will carry drivers to the end of the race – unless conditions swing once more, of course taking Alonso to the end while others will have to stop again !! It’s been 2 laps on the Safety Car as the safety personnel try to move the Sauber of Ericsson which is locked up with no power. It’s been 4 laps under full yellow should have a restart next lap .

Green Green Green and it’s a restart, on lap 32, Rosberg maintains 1st while Hamilton fends off the Redbulls for 2nd. Vettel take advantage of the kvyat’S error to take 4th. Vettel and Riccardo exchanging positions turn after turn for 3 rd . Vettel makes the move and gets third and Verstappen takes 5th form kyvat and is straight behind Ricciardo. Will Verstappen get his first podium finish.

And Verstappen up to 4th taking the place From veteran driver Ricciardo!!! Nico hulkenburg contact with Ricciardo forcing Nico to retire , Ric SAying he has damage to the car but will stay out.

Sainz receives 5 seconde penalty for speeding in the pit lane and once again virtual safety car activated because of the Nico incident.

And it’s a restart Rosberg passes Verstapeen for 3rd place .

Vettel Under big pressure from Rosberg which passes him easily. on lap 42.

Kvyat smashes into the wall a big hit at the entrance of the pit lane this brings out the safety car and Hamilton pits for a new set of softs. as does Vettel. Verstappen is up to third place but hasn’t pitted yet will he make the bet to continue the race with the set of tires that he has actually .

Lap 46 restart again with Rosberg at the front slowing down a lot and passing the cars to very slow start , playing with the nerves of Hamilton , Verstappen Nice start keeping up with Hamilton. Rosberg keeps first place. Verstappen is regreting having not pitted as he gets passed very easily on the straight by Vettel.

Mclarens In 6th and 7th while Ric and SAinz touch wheels. Lap 49.

Lots of battle in the mid field for 6 th , 7 th and 8 th place , while Verstappen doing a great job this weekend keeping up with the fornt runners just outside of the podium . Both Torosso driver in the top 6 for this race proving that young talent can do wonders with budget team.

And it is the last lap with Hamilton just few meters away from winning the US Gand Prix and it is decided Hamilton wins the US Grand Prix and is World champion elect again, with Rosberg in 2nd , Vettel in 3rd and Verstappen 4th .

Full 2015 US F1 Race

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