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Giovinazzi wins at Formula 3 finale in Hockenheim

Start Hockenheim f3
Start Hockenheim f3
  • Antonio Giovinazzi claims win number six to end the season runner-up with Volkswagen
  • Podium at the final race weekend in Hockenheim for Alexander Albon
  • George Russell second best rookie in Europe’s most prestigious junior series

Wolfsburg (18 October 2015). A victory to finish with: Antonio Giovinazzi (Jagonya Ayam with Carlin) was successful on the final weekend of the season in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship at the Hockenheimring. The Italian won the second of three eventful races at the 4.574-kilometre Grand Prix circuit in Baden-Württemberg. His sixth win of the season in Europe’s most important junior series was enough to secure second place in the overall standings after race two, behind Felix Rosenqvist (Dallara-Mercedes). The Swede had already been crowned champion before the final weekend. In the Team competition, Giovinazzi’s outfit Jagonya Ayam with Carlin (532.5 points) also ended the season in second place, behind Prema Powerteam (912).

Giovinazzi was the best-placed Volkswagen driver in race one on Saturday morning. The Italian finished sixth in dry, cold conditions. He was joined in the points by a further three drivers “powered by Volkswagen”: George Russell (GB, Carlin) in seventh place, eighth for Charles Leclerc (MC, Amersfoort Racing), who had already been confirmed as Rookie champion prior to the final weekend, and Markus Pommer (D, Motopark) in ninth place. The race was won by 16-year-old Lance Stroll (CDN, Dallara-Mercedes).

In race two, on Saturday afternoon, Giovinazzi led from start to finish to complete a dominant victory. Starting from pole, the Italian’s only real threat came from Jake Dennis (GB, Dallara-Mercedes) in the first few metres of the race. Giovinazzi also coped admirably with the re-starts after two safety car phases. After 21 laps of racing, he crossed the line 1.862 seconds ahead of Dennis. Other Volkswagen drivers in the top ten: Sérgio Sette Câmara (BR, Motopark) in seventh place, Russell in eighth, Pommer in ninth and Leclerc in tenth place.

The start of Sunday morning’s third race was delayed by half an hour due to thick fog. When the race did eventually get underway, the safety car made four appearances in an eventful race with many crashes. The race ended behind the safety car after 18 laps. Alexander Albon (T, Signature) finished runner-up, making him the best-placed Volkswagen driver in the 33rd and final race of the season. He was joined on the podium by Giovinazzi in third place. Leclerc dropped back through the field following a spectacular pirouette in turn one, when he lost control of his car at high speed and was only just able to regain it, and eventually came home 22nd. The failure to finish in the points resulted in the man from Monaco dropping a place in the overall standings. Leclerc ended the season in fourth place with 363.5 points. In contrast, Russell had every reason to celebrate: the Brit (410 points) finished second behind Leclerc (533.5) in the Rookie competition.

In total, the young drivers with the 225-hp engine from Wolfsburg in the rear of their car claimed one victory, three podiums and twelve top-ten results in Hockenheim. Over the course of the entire season, Volkswagen drivers achieved twelve wins, 46 podium finishes and 171 top-ten results.

Antonio Giovinazzi winner
The winner of the last race of the season

Quotes, FIA Formula 3 European Championship, Hockenheim

Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Jagonya Ayam with Carlin, Dallara-Volkswagen #3
“My starting grid position was on the damp side of the track, so I dropped back to fifth at the start. Then, however, I managed to overtake Jake Dennis and Alexander Sims and claim third place. Concluding the season with a win and another podium finish in the season finale is very nice.”

Alexander Albon (T), Signature, Dallara-Volkswagen #21
“My start was good and because I was starting on the better side of the track, I was able to move up into second place. Initially, I was able to keep up with Felix, but then, it got more and more difficult because of tyre degradation. I reckon that our tyre pressure probably was a little bit too high. Generally, I am really happy with my first season in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship.”

Drivers’ standings after 33 of 33 races, FIA Formula 3 European Championship

1. Felix Rosenqvist, 508 points; 2. Antonio Giovinazzi, 412.5; 3. Jake Dennis, 377; 4. Charles Leclerc, 363.5; 5. Lance Stroll, 231; 6. George Russell, 203; 7. Alexander Albon, 187; 8. Maximilian Günther, 152; 9. Mikkel Jensen, 117.5; 10. Markus Pommer, 116.5; 11. Santino Ferrucci, 91; 12. Callum Ilott, 65.5; 13. Gustavo Menezes, 65; 14. Sérgio Sette Câmara, 57.5; 15. Brandon Maisano, 53; 16. Nick Cassidy, 43; 17. Pietro Fittipaldi, 32; 18. Arjun Maini, 27; 19. Dorian Boccolacci, 27; 20. Alessio Lorandi, 26; 21. Raoul Hyman, 14,5; 22. Michele Beretta, 4; 23. Ryan Tveter, 2; 24. Sam Macleod, 2; 25. Fabian Schiller, 2; 26. Nabil Jeffri, 2.

Rookie standings after 33 of 33 races, FIA Formula 3 European Championship

1. Charles Leclerc, 533.5 points; 2. George Russell, 410; 3. Lance Stroll, 401.5; 4. Alexander Albon, 363.5; 5. Maximilian Günther, 288.5; 6. Mikkel Jensen, 271.5; 7. Callum Ilott, 234; 8. Pietro Fittipaldi, 120.5; 9. Arjun Maini, 117; 10. Alessio Lorandi, 116.5; 11. Raoul Hyman, 100; 12. Dorian Boccolacci, 93; 13. Ryan Tveter, 55; 14. Fabian Schiller, 40; 15. Matt Solomon, 23; 16. Julio Moreno, 9.5; 17. Nicolas Beer, 3; 18. Mahaveer Raghunathan, 1.5.

Team standings after 33 of 33 races, FIA Formula 3 European Championship

1. Prema Powerteam, 912 points; 2. Jagonya Ayam with Carlin, 532.5; 3. Van Amersfoort Racing, 464.5; 4. Carlin, 362.5; 5. kfzteile24 Mücke Motorsport, 326; 6. Signature, 278; 7. Motopark, 196.5; 8. Fortec Motorsports, 54; 9. Team West-Tec F3, 51.5; 10. Double R Racing, 3; 11. HitechGP, 1.


FIA Formula 3 European Championship, Hockenheim
Race 1
01. Lance Stroll (CDN), Dallara-Mercedes 22 laps in 35m 48.561s
02. Jake Dennis (GB), Dallara-Mercedes + 0.898s
03. Felix Rosenqvist (S), Dallara-Mercedes + 1.674s
06. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 7.267s
07. George Russell (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 9.438s
08. Charles Leclerc (MC), Dallara-Volkswagen + 10.072s
09. Markus Pommer (D), Dallara-Volkswagen + 11.929s
11. Alexander Albon (T), Dallara-Volkswagen + 16.941s
12. Alessio Lorandi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 17.842s
15. Callum Ilott (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 25.714s
16. Ryan Tveter (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 26.276s
17. Sérgio Sette Câmara (BR), Dallara-Volkswagen + 29.506s
18. Tatiana Calderón (CO), Dallara-Volkswagen + 34.280s
20. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 36.131s
21. Nabil Jeffri (MAL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 40.108s
25. Tanart Sathienthirakul (T), Dallara-Volkswagen + 55.616s
29. Arjun Maini (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 1m 25.093s
30. Dorian Boccolacci (F), Dallara-Volkswagen + 2 laps
Race 2
1. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen 21 laps in 35m 33.967s
2. Jake Dennis (GB), Dallara-Mercedes + 1.863s
3. Felix Rosenqvist (S), Dallara-Mercedes + 3.762s
7. Sérgio Sette Câmara (BR), Dallara-Volkswagen + 15.993s
8. George Russell (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 16.633s
9. Markus Pommer (D), Dallara-Volkswagen + 17.437s
10. Charles Leclerc (MC), Dallara-Volkswagen + 19.899s
11. Callum Ilott (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 21.268s
12. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 21.726s
13. Alessio Lorandi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 22.730s
14. Arjun Maini (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 23.346s
15. Dorian Boccolacci (F), Dallara-Volkswagen + 25.644s
21. Tatiana Calderón (CO), Dallara-Volkswagen + 38.966s
23. Tanart Sathienthirakul (T), Dallara-Volkswagen + 48.799s
29. Ryan Tveter (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 3 laps
Nabil Jeffri (MAL), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Alexander Albon (T), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Race 3
1. Felix Rosenqvist (S), Dallara-Mercedes 18 laps in 35m 27.859s
2. Alexander Albon (T), Dallara-Volkswagen + 0.511s
3. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 0.862s
5. Callum Ilott (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 2.019s
11. Sérgio Sette Câmara (BR), Dallara-Volkswagen + 8.645s
12. Alessio Lorandi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 9.092s
13. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 10.267s
16. Dorian Boccolacci (F), Dallara-Volkswagen + 12.361s
18. Arjun Maini (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 14.507s
22. Charles Leclerc (MC), Dallara-Volkswagen + 18.371s
23. Markus Pommer (D), Dallara-Volkswagen + 20.579s
24. Tatiana Calderón (CO), Dallara-Volkswagen + 36.667s
Nabil Jeffri (MAL), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Ryan Tveter (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Tanart Sathienthirakul (T), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
George Russell (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
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