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Volvo’s new autonomous interior car ergonomics.


Volvo have just outed a new design with multiple stages depending on driving conditions, driver conditions and much more .


The car interior as Volvo saw it will have 3 different stages .


Stage one

You as the driver have full control of the car being the best driver position for you to take action.

Stage two

The Steering wheel and driver seat retract and a small table comes in front of you and the big 25 inch screen to your right flips to the open position allowing you to either work or watch a movie while the car does the job of driving.

Stage three

When you double press the autopilot paddles on each side of the steering wheel the car retracts the steering wheel as well as the seat giving more leg room and more of a sofa experience to kick back and relax while the car does the job of bringing you form point A to B.


Volvo is also using the same UI as in the cars presently on the road with the exception of the table and the large 25 inch screen you could wee this update pushed out to the qualifying cars that already have the tech gear in them to deal with autonomous driving. Imagine all the places  we could travel to without having that tired feeling when we drive for more then 3 hours.

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