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Tony Kart factory team starts at DKM

Tony Kart factory team starts at DKM

Already more than 100 entries in all four classes

The German Kart Championship impresses with a strong field of participants in 2016. Roughly a

month after the start of registrations the Championship already counts 103 drivers including the

Tony Kart factory team.

The four grade series of the German Motorsport Foundation (DMSB) raise a high interest. Four weeks

after the beginning of registrations more than 100 drivers have already sent in their applications for

the highest German racing series. The German Shifterkart Championship (DSKM) is currently most

strongly manned with 40 drivers. The juniors at the DJKM are also well staffed with 28 youngsters.

The DKM is currently counting 18 drivers and the new DSKC is currently counting 17.

The participation of the Tony Kart factory team proves the fact that the DKM enjoys a good

reputation internationally. The successful team is going to start with seven drivers. At the DSKM, the

multiple World and European Champion Marco Ardigo from Italy and New Zealander Marcus

Armstrong are going to participate. At the juniors, Charles Milesi (France) and Leonardo Marseglia

(Italy) are going to represent the OTK-colors. At the DKM, Clement Novalak (Switzerland) and Jean

Baptiste Simmenauer (France) are going to start for the TONY Kart Racing Team.

Everyone who has not registered yet can still send in their application until March 11th 2016 and has

to pay 2.100€ participation fee for the complete DKM, DJKM and DSKM season or just 1.800€ for the

DSKC. Registrations after March 11th 2016 have to pay 250€ delay fee per DMSB grade series. The

postage date of the application is decisive.


Dates 2016

April 29th – May 1st 2016 – Wackersdorf

June 10th – 12th 2016 – Ampfing

July 15th – 17th 2016 – Genk (Belgien)

September 9th – 11th 2016 – Oschersleben

September 23rd – 25th 2016 – Kerpen

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