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Tanda Racing Announces 2016 Arrive-and-Drive Program

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Tanda Racing, a Praga kart dealer and racing team, is pleased to announce the availability of factory-backed Praga arrive-and-drive services for the 2016 North American racing season.

In its inaugural year with full factory sanctioning, this will offer unique opportunities to karters wishing to participate in series and events that were previously unsupported.

Tanda Racing has been extended the honor of becoming one of several dealer-based, factory-affiliated teams. With this backing from and association with Praga NA, Tanda Racing has the ability, in cooperation with other dealer-based teams, to provide seamless arrive-and-drive services across the North American continent.

During the 2016 racing season, Tanda will make arrive-and-drive services available at the following events and series:

  • Florida Winter Tour
  • Texas ProKart Series
  • Maxspeed US Open
  • Rock Island Grand Prix
  • KART MARRS Road Racing Series Events
  • Local and regional events by customer request in the central United States

Any major event that is not directly supported by Tanda Racing will be supported directly by Praga NA or by another factory affiliated team. As such, arrive-and-drive customers may be assured that by contacting any of the dealer-based teams or Praga NA, appropriate referrals can be made to provide the desired services at a particular event.

Trei Smith, owner of Tanda Racing, says “We look forward to developing new relationships and building on a winning tradition for our clients in 2016.”

Trei Smith, trei.smith@tandaracing.com

Josh Martin, jandeautotulsa@gmail.com

Phone +011 1 918 951 1726

Tanda Racing Praga karts arrive and drives for 2016
Tanda Racing Praga karts arrive and drives for 2016
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