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Alfano PROIII Evo, several lengths ahead!

Alfano PROIII Evo, several lengths ahead!

Presented at the 2015 Offenbach show, the new Alfano range has benefited from a full year of testing and development in competition. The Alfano PROIII Evo is a leading product in all respects with strong claims to stand out from the competition. Simplicity, versatility, economy and performance are the keywords in addition to the scalability of the system encapsulated by the name Evo.

At the centre of the new Alfano PROIII Evo system is of course the central housing with a large display set on the steering wheel of the kart. By itself, the basic version allows for an extremely competitive price, with timing, monitoring of engine speed and measurement of two temperatures (cooling and exhaust), all with no less than 11 configurable LEDs. By adding a single hub, you can connect a speed sensor and also get the gear ratio for KZ. All these basic services are exceptional at this price on the market.

The Alfano PROIII Evo makes the difference in the quality of applications that leverage the data. In Android the palette is biggest at the moment, but apps are available for iOS and PC. The flexibility and quality of the apps offers opportunities for very extensive analysis and data management.

Alfano PROIII Evo, several lengths ahead! phone app
Alfano PROIII Evo, several lengths ahead! phone app

The customisable display is also one of the highlights of the Alfano PROIII Evo. There are a dozen possibilities in the series to better adapt to the different
categories and the priorities of the driver.

Always listening to its customers, Alfano can also provide answers to many specific requirements. Indeed, there arealready no less than 13 different racing displays.

The add-ons (GPS1i, GPS4i, GPS4Vi) extend the capabilities of the Alfano PROIII Evo system as needed: GPS, Bluetooth, USB, G-Force, 2nd speed sensor, two other temperatures, pedal positions, steering wheel position and valve position. The G-Force 3D sensor provides unparalleled precision including in the track mapping while the Bluetooth link facilitates data recovery.

Working closely with the drivers from Team KSM Schumacher, the German Champions Bent Viscaal and Alexander Schmitz participated and still participate actively in the development of the Alfano PROIII Evo. Already very complete in its basic version, the Alfano PROIII Evo offers almost endless possibilities for development while remaining very competitive in terms of price.

This is certainly an efficient product to be tried as a matter of urgency. Alfano is also open to any serious enquiries from professionals interested in the distribution of its range, in countries where it is not yet represented.

The www.alfano.com is filled with additional information, examples and detailed instructions on the new Alfano PROIII Evo range.

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