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Optrix for Iphone your complete Data Aquisition System!


Optrix review


All in all you can't go wrong buying this case if you are doing any type of extreme sport.

Usability 10.0
Video quality9.5
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Formula 1600 GP3R racing with an iphone at 230 kph
Formula 1600 GP3R racing with an iphone at 230 kph

Hi you may be used to looking for the best tech for your racing car every beginning of season I know I am !

Did you know the best data acquisition system is in your very hands for the most of you it’s your iPhone.

Your iPhone has every sensor and communication tech embedded in its steel frame that you would need to start taking in data like speed , altitude, 3d tracking (g-sensor), heart rate and light sensor. Also the iPhone is packed with a stand alone GPS , meaning you do not need and internet connection to get your position tracked, then you’ve got Bluetooth and wifi plus 4G LTE to help you transmits real live data to your team and sponsors or stream live video and sound to your coach for immediate feed back of even controlling your Wifi Go pro or your other iPhone.

Now you may be asking yeah that’s great but an iPhone cost’s a fortune and it can’t just be mounted without any protection , well that is where the Optrix case for iPhone comes into play. This case makes your phone near indestructible , making it water proof to 33 feet , dust proof and drop proof to 30 feet all of that with complete access to the touch screen and a power access door so you can charge your phone while filming or taking data also on top of all these great features the Optrix case has a lens system meaning you can screw in up to 6 different types of lenses depending on your usage, such as a wide angle for sports, giving you the same viewing angles as with your Go pro.

The other great feature is that the Optrix case has very sturdy rail system for attaching the case to the Optrix mounts or any Go pro mount (extra adapter sold separately) which now make your iPhone very versatile. Also this case is accepted in the ASN Canada Racing series so now you can race with the case.


Since the iPhone operating system is continuously updated and the apps that run on it are also updated with new features very often you get tweaks and support that you wouldn’t get with other acquisition systems.

So now instead of having just one app you can choose from a lot of different apps ranging from free to about 30$ depending on the level of usage you need.

There are 2 great apps for racers that i would suggest: Harry’s lap timer and Track Addict.


Harry's Lap Timer
Harry's Lap Timer
Harry'S laptimer view with multi cam , OBD2 and Track mapping with optrix Case for iphone
Harry'S laptimer view with multi cam , OBD2 and Track mapping with optrix Case for iphone

Harry’s lap timer:

The more complete app but a lot more complicated to setup as the app lets you setup nearly everything . here are just a few of the feature you can find in this app

  • Time and data record your laps out of the box
  • Support for dozens of external GPS and OBD sensors
  • State of the art predictive lap timing
  • Repository of more than 750 tracks world wide
  • Video recording and overlaying (including Picture in Picture)
  • Realtime / Online View showing your peers
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Full range of timer and specialized views
  • Professional sensor support (>20 Hz GPS, engine data)
  • Video reference lap comparison
  • MultiCam for iOS devices, GoPro HERO and Sony cams
Track Addict HD
Track Addict HD

Track Addict:

    • Road Course, Autocross, Rally, Drift, and Drag Racing
    • Race Timing + Data Logging + Analysis + Video
    • Works Almost Anywhere! 775+ Recognized Circuits, or Add Your Own
  • Integrated GPS Lap Timer & Display with Predictive Lap Timing (Circuit mode)
  • High-Definition Video Recording & Multiple Video+Data Overlay Options
  • Lap, GPS, G-Force, and OBD-II Datalogging
  • Driving Line Analysis, Statistics, and Lap Comparison
  • Optional Live Telemetry Streaming via Live.RaceRender.com (requires upgrade)
  • Also Supports External GPS and OBD-II Devices
  • OBD-II Live Monitor, Code Scanning / Reset, and Datalogging
  • Exports Data and Video to RaceRender
Formula 1600 tremblant racing wih an iphone streaming data and video
Formula 1600 tremblant racing wih an iphone streaming data and video

Available apps

These apps are for racing but can be used in many different sports like mountain biking, skiing ,surfing ,running and much more !! And as explained in the app descriptions and features you can add a blue tooth GPS or blue tooth obd2 adapter giving you full sensor reports of your car of of yourself in other sports.

Now if you are still not convinced that this is the better way of investing . Look at the resell value and demand of a data acquisition system compared to the Iphone .

Data acquisition system: 800$ and up for a good one

High initial cost can only be sold to other racers and will loose value as newer systems come out, can not record video unless connected to camera.

Go pro: 550$ for the latest wifi version

Can only record video, high cost and low value retention.

iPhone SE 2016 4k video: new from 500$ for a 64gb and even less for a used one plus the case which ranges from 40$ to 200$ depending on the kit

Here is a little insight on the new iPhone SE

iSight Camera

12‑megapixel iSight camera with 1.22µ pixels

Live Photos

Autofocus with Focus Pixels

True Tone flash

Panorama (up to 63 megapixels)

Auto HDR for photos

Exposure control

Burst mode

Timer mode

ƒ/2.2 aperture

Five‑element lens

Hybrid IR filter

Backside illumination sensor

Sapphire crystal lens cover

Auto image stabilization

Improved local tone mapping

Improved noise reduction

Face detection

Photo geotagging

Video Recording

4K video recording (3840 by 2160) at 30 fps

1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps

720p HD video recording at 30 fps

True Tone flash

Slo‑mo video support for 1080p at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps

Time‑lapse video with stabilization

Cinematic video stabilization (1080p and 720p)

Continuous autofocus video

Improved noise reduction

Take 8-megapixel still photos while recording 4K video

Playback zoom

3x zoom

Face detection

Video geotagging

FaceTime HD Camera

1.2‑megapixel photos

720p HD video recording

Retina Flash

ƒ/2.4 aperture

Auto HDR for photos

Backside illumination sensor

Exposure control

Improved local tone mapping

Face detection

Timer mode

Burst mode

the iPhone keeps it’s value a lot longer then the go pro or the Data acquisition system , upgradable , resell opportunity to basically everyone on earth and with the Optrix case the iPhone gains value.

Bottom line you already know the iPhone is a great product now it is even better with the optrix case which let’s you go in to sports knowing you get the best!

You can get the Optrix case on www.optrixcanada.ca

Optrix Xd5 iphone case 5, 5s and Se
Optrix Xd5 iphone case 5, 5s and Se
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