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Ease of use9.0
Battery life7.0
Customer Suppport6.0
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The PROIII EVO is the outcome of our experiences spread over more than 20 years, both over the technology and over the reliability.  It becomes the most strong device among what is actually present on market.
In basic technology : “only” with this PROIII EVO you have :
  • The possibility of receiving a speed sensor without adding extra box, so allowing to obtain with precision the speed and to show the reports of gearbox
  • The opportunity to treat 2 temperature sensors simultaneously
  • The choice between the magnetic sensor or the Infrared sensor for the times management
  • The engine regime (RPM)
  • 11 configurable LEDs for the RPM, the temperature T1 and T2, Lambda
  • A black input allowing, according to your choice, to :
  • Connect a USB interface for the data download by cable which will also allow to update your PROIII EVO with our future firmwares
  • Plug a Module GPS2/GPS4
  • Plug in the futurea 3G Module (unavailable device at present)
In extension : this PROIII EVO can receive 2 types of Modules :
  • The GPS2 with integrated GPS/Bluetooth and the possibility of connecting a USB cable for the data download on laptop
  • The GPS4 with integrated GPS/Bluetooth/3 axes G-force and the possibility of connecting 2 other temperatures/lambda, a 2nd speed by sensor and, just like the GPS2, a grey input for the connection of a USB interface for the data download by cable, or – in the future – the connecting of a 3G module (unavailable device at present)
  • The GPS4M “NEW” offers GPS/Bluetooth/G-force 3 axes and the possibility to connect 3 movement sensors :acceleration pedal, brake pedal and steering wheel. It also allows you to have a second speed with a sensor and to connect a USB cable for the download of your data on your computer.
Reliability : this product derives from the mechanical design of our former products which offered us so many satisfactions on reliability.
Application for Android : this application will allow via the Bluetooth connection of the Modules GPS2/GPS4 to download your data on a Smartphone, a Tablet, thus to visualize your performances with more comfort on track.
 Technical details :
  • Timing to the hundredth of second
  • 1 input for magnetic or infrared timing
  • 1 connection for the engine regime (RPM)
  • 1 input for temperature
  • Possibility of a second additional temperature on the same input (with optional article A2190)
  • Possibility to plug a speed sensor (with optional article A2192 or A2193)
  • Memorization of the data until 10Hz
  • 5 meters of time “engine time”
  • 11 layout type of race display
  • Completely integrated analysis menu (maximum, minimum, graphs, best times, better partials, etc.)
  • Complete setting menu (Peak, 3 pilots, alarms, different settings, etc…)
  • Backlight
  • 6 available integrated languages
  • 9 LEDs : RPM/Temperature/ (or Lambda with Module GPS4)
  • 2 LEDs for temperatures alarms
  • 1 input for USB connection (article A4220) to download the data, manage tracks or update the PROIII EVO
  • Possible evolution thanks to the device updates (new race displays, connection with the future module 3G mobile phones, etc.)
  • Hermetic to water projections (IP56)
  • Display (mm/pixels): 75×45 / 160×94
  • Dimensions 133.5 x 90 x 28mm
  • Weight 434gr
  • 3 power supply possibilities : 2 batteries AA (supplied) or optional external power supply with article A4004 or A4005
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